Buy Bitcoin Locally

Now anyone can buy bitcoin locally, and anonymously. Follow our guide to get bitcoin instantly through local peer to peer networks or thousands of ATM locations while maintaining security and anonymity.

How To: Buy Bitcoin Locally

Bitcoin is a popular form of cryptocurrency. The value of one bitcoin as of December 24th, 2017 was over $14,000. In 2010 one bitcoin was only valued at $0.08. The value of bitcoin continues to rise increasing demand for local purchasing options. Discovering how to buy bitcoin locally is easier now than times past. Here are some ways to buy bitcoin locally:

  • Peer-to-peer trading platforms:

    You can purchase bitcoin locally from the comforts of your own home using your computer. Peer-to-peer trading platforms offer many options for purchasing bitcoin locally. Purchasing options may vary between platforms. One such peer-to-peer trading platform, Local Bitcoins, provides local options including Paypal, credit cards, prepaid cards, and bank deposits at local banks among many other options. You may also use the peer-to-peer trading platform to arrange an in-person meeting.

  • Buy bitcoin locally at an arranged meeting place:

    You can use Local Bitcoins or another peer-to-peer trading platform to arrange an in-person meeting to buy bitcoin. You simply use the search feature in the trading platform to locate a user near you willing to meet in person to buy bitcoin with cash or another pre-arranged method. It is very important to follow safety precautions during the transaction. Each peer-to-peer trading platform user should have a trust rating with comments from other users. You should review your peer's rating to make sure there are no safety concerns. You should then meet in a public location.

  • Purchase bitcoin locally at a bitcoin ATM:

    Bitcoin ATMs are available in limited locations. A map of the U.S. bitcoin ATMs is available at Once you've located the bitcoin ATM nearest you, insert your cash to buy bitcoin. You can then send bitcoin to your bitcoin wallet by scanning a QR code with your mobile phone.

Buying Locally With No ID or Verification

If you are diligent, you can buy bitcoin locally no id. You can also buy bitcoin locally no verification. If you want to buy bitcoin locally instantly, a bitcoin ATM is a great option. However, if you purchase bitcoin through a bitcoin ATM, you can expect to pay more. The costs range from 5-7% for most bitcoin ATMs. However, this option allows you to buy bitcoin locally without id or verification.

Another way to buy bitcoin locally no id is through the peer-to-peer trading platforms. Local Bitcoins does not require an id. While many of the trading platforms require some form of verification, you can buy bitcoin locally no verification if you choose the right platform. Local Bitcoins and some other trading platforms have optional verification requirements. Most people using the peer-to-peer trading platforms may require an id or other verification. However, if you are paying cash your peer will likely sell to you without id or verification. To separate your identity from the transaction entirely you should buy completely anonymously.

How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

Typically, U.S. bitcoin purchases require some form of verification. Anonymity comes at a price. The average extra cost is 5%-10% above the bitcoin price. However, in some cases, an anonymous purchaser may pay even more. For example, if you buy bitcoin locally instantly through a peer, the seller sets their own price using seller-specific criteria.

When arranging an in-person peer-to-peer transaction through a trading platform your true identity could be exposed. The best way to protect your identity is before even initiating the transaction. To buy bitcoin locally anonymously create an anonymous user account with the peer-to-peer trading platform of your choice by following these steps:

Create an alias email account. This can be done using a free email provider such as Yahoo or Gmail. Do not attach your personal information to this account.

Register with a peer-to-peer trading platform using the alias email account.

Select an anonymous bitcoin wallet. This is one of the most important steps. You should register for your bitcoin wallet with a second alias email account. Review each bitcoin wallet provider's requirements before registering to select a truly anonymous one. Some providers may allow anonymity up to a certain dollar amount purchased. Some may even seem anonymous and require only text message verification. Providing your telephone number exposes your identity. Therefore, avoid providing your phone number. Airbitz lists four criteria necessary to buy bitcoin locally anonymously:

The bitcoin wallet provider must not require personal details.
The bitcoin wallet provider must encrypt public and private addresses locally.
The bitcoin wallet provider must utilize rolling addresses where each transaction receives a new address.
The bitcoin wallet provider must use decentralized servers to access the bitcoin network.

Use the peer-to-peer trading platform to locate a nearby seller willing to complete the transaction for cash only with no verification. Do not give the seller your mobile number or personal email account. Keep all communication through the platform or your alias email account. Also, do not provide any of your personally identifiable information. Although many trading platform users will hesitate to agree to an anonymous transaction, they will likely proceed if you emphasize that you will be paying in cash. You can also buy bitcoin locally anonymously at a bitcoin ATM by sending the purchased bitcoin to your anonymous bitcoin wallet.