Have you recently stumbled upon the possibility of making some extra cash by mining Bitcoins? Who doesn’t like the idea of an increased income, especially using technology from the comfort of your own home? Sounds like a win-win, right? How much do you know about the process and profit of mining for Bitcoins? Maybe you heard about it through friends or family as they talked about it in conversation over dinner or you saw a glimpse of this mining when you browsed through an article online. Maybe you’ve come across a Bitcoin miner Trojan on your personal computer, and you’re curious. Now, you’re wondering, is this a legit method of making some extra cash? Is it attainable or doable? How difficult is the process, and just how much extra cash are we talking about here? Well, the following information will help answer all of those questions, clarify what the process of mining for bitcoins is, and determine if it is a profitable venture for you. 

What Does it Mean to Mine for Bitcoins?

Let’s start with the basics of the mining process and bitcoins are. bitcoins are digital cryptocurrency or digital currency that uses encryption to monitor generation of currency and ensure the safety of funds. the cryptocurrency functions independently of a principal bank, so there is no central bank. the digital currency is used for purchases made both via online and on-site. bitcoins can also be traded similar to stocks. Bitcoins are produced when a block of data is processed. a block of data through a transaction has been generated because of a mining user. The mining of bitcoins is the practice of the developmental and building of transactional records to the blockchain or bitcoin’s public record of transactions. it’s referred to as a blockchain because it is actually a chain of blocks or transactions. the blockchain verifies the legitimacy of the bitcoin relations. basically, it ensures that bitcoins are spent once. this minimizes fraud and guarantees those bitcoins are legitimately spent. Bitcoin is often referred to as “the first decentralized digital currency”. the concept behind Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, but records show that Nakamoto no longer has any influence on bitcoin. not much is known about Nakamoto, other than the fact that he initialized bitcoins.

The Bitcoin Mining How to Guide

bitcoin miningThere are a few items and steps that you will need to acquire and accomplish before you can begin mining and earning any profit. Choosing the appropriate hardware and software to successfully bitcoin mine is just the beginning, but it is a vital part of setting up your mining equipment and preparing you to start successfully mining for those bitcoins.


When you have your bitcoin mining hardware set up and the bitcoin mining software downloaded, it is time to now join a mining pool. These steps will be further explained and broken down into the next sections.

Next, you will want to create a Bitcoin wallet; a location to collect the Bitcoins earned. There are various Bitcoin wallets to choose from. Choose one that is secure and practical. This step is crucial because it allows you a safe place to store your Bitcoins and protects you from possible threats to your hard-earned bitcoins.

Buying a bitcoin mining contract is also typical. Be mindful of the expiration date, the hashrate, and the use of owner’s equipment when buying a mining contract. When considering the right contract purchase, there is a bit of research to do. You want to consider all factors and find the contract that works best for you. If a contract seems too good to be true or is suspicious in any way, then go with your instinct and keep looking for a contract that feels right. 

Each step may seem small or unimportant, but each step allows you to properly prepare yourself to begin mining without interruption or issues. Be sure to take special mind and attention to each section.

What is the Special Hardware Needed to Mine

Is this hardware necessary? You will need special bitcoin mining hardware. Long gone are the days of using a regular house computer or high-speed video processor card to bitcoin mine. While Bitcoin was originally intended to be mined using a typical easy-to-find computer CPU, miners have realized that there is a substantial increase in mining power when using graphics cards. Those graphics cards were later replaced by Application Specific Integrated Circuits or ASICs. The current Bitcoin chips require up to at least 100 times the ability of systems of the past. The increase in mining power allows miners to produce more bitcoins and, therefore, be more profitable.

The hash rate is the number of hashes a Bitcoin miner can earn per second. Hash is the math problem being solved by the mining hardware. The hash rate is the time that it takes to solve that math problem. The larger the amount of hashes, the more costly, therefore efficiency is very important. 

When considering efficiency, think about using a hardware that produces the largest amount of bitcoins per electricity used.

Plus, using the most electric-efficient hardware, especially one produced exclusively for mining bitcoins, will help maximize earnings. When purchasing Bitcoin hardware, keep in mind the price per hash and the electrical efficiency of the hardware. Don’t just consider one over the other because both are equally important in maximizing earnings.

Mining Software Exclusive to Bitcoins

Now that your mining hardware is in place to begin, let’s talk about the software. To properly begin mining there are requirements for distinctive programs. When considering the software to use, think about the simplicity and effortlessness of the program. You want a software that you can maneuver easily and begin using immediately. 

The mining is done through hardware that you have already set up. The software is required to connect all the pieces together. The software allows the cryptocurrency miners to connect to the blockchain and the mining pool. So, basically, the software allows the miners to connect to the work. The software also takes the finished work and returns it to the blockchain. Additionally, the software can report many details like the input and output of the mining pool to the blockchain. It also provides information like hashrate and average speed of the miner. 

Many mining software exists and are available, but not all software is compatible with all hardware. Be sure to verify that the software and hardware are compatible.

Mining for Bitcoin Rigs

You could also consider using a bitcoin mining rig. This is a computer system used primarily for mining bitcoins. The computer system could also be used for other purposes, but one of its main functions is to mine for bitcoins. Having a mining computer dedicated to mining bitcoins can increase productivity.

Bitcoin Mining Pool

Now that you are set up and ready to start mining those bitcoins, or even mining Ethereum, you need to join a mining pool. A mining pool is groups of Bitcoin miners that work together to both solve a block and also share the compensation. There are many useful purposes for the mining pools, and the mining pools are beneficial for all involved. For starters, mining for bitcoins alone will take a long time to earn any substantial Bitcoins, but working together makes the job a bit less tedious and the earnings a little easier to achieve. The mining pool typically has a fee that is used to continue ongoing operation for all users.

Is Mining for Bitcoins Profitable?

Is Bitcoin Mining profitable? The answer is yes, bitcoin mining profit is attainable. The hash rate is currently at its highest rate, but it isn’t as simple as that. There are factors that influence the profit margin of mining for bitcoins.

Like with most things in life, the effort you put in will have a direct influence on the profit margin. There are considerations to keep in mind, as well. You must consider the cost of electricity. Also, take into account the cost of the mining hardware and fees associated with the mining pool. 

The profit is there for the earning, but not without some effort.

Bitcoin Mining with Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a new approach to Bitcoin mining. With this relatively new approach to mining for bitcoins, you won’t need to buy an actual mining rig. Instead, you will rent the electronic computer power from a third party. You will get paid on the amount of power you actually own. Sounds good, right? Cloud mining is definitely another approach and option available to mining for bitcoins, but, again, you need to consider all factors before deciding if this is the right option for you. 

Sure, you won’t have to purchase the necessary equipment yourself to begin mining for bitcoins. You won’t have to compare models and prices. So, you will save some time and effort on this part. You also won’t have to worry about storing the equipment or caring for it. So far, it sounds like a good idea. The real major issue or apprehension to cloud mining is to decipher the scam sites from the legitimate sites. You don’t want to find yourself on the losing end of a scam. Also, it seems that many of these cloud mining sites are not very profitable.

Bitcoin Mining with Raspberry Pi?

Still trying to figure out how you can get started mining with as little out-of-pocket cost as possible? This is especially an issue if you simply want to just try your luck with Bitcoin mining or don’t have a lot of cash to invest right now?

What about that forgotten or barely used Raspberry Pi you have to hang around? You know the one; the tiny little computer that was inexpensive and allowed you a way to learn to programme. Will that work for mine Bitcoins? Yes! Despite its size and reasonable cost, it will function as a viable source for Bitcoin mining.

In order to Mine for Bitcoins with the Raspberry Pi, you are still going to need some additional equipment. You will need a USB Bitcoin ASIC miner and a powered USB hub. The hub will help produce the additional power required to run the ASIC miner. The USB hub will also provide the possibility and ability to add additional ASIC miners if desired. 

You will still need to create a Bitcoin wallet and join a mining pool. Next, you will need mining software, but you may need to install additional libraries if necessary. Now, you are ready to start mining for those Bitcoins. Simple as that!

Bitcoin Mining on Android, Can it be Done?

Yes, it may be possible to use an Android device to mine for Bitcoins, but there are steps that must be taken before the mining can begin. Kodi must be downloaded into the device. Kodi is a media software that allows for cross-platform to occur. Once the Kodi is downloaded, then the same steps as the using the Raspberry Pi will need to be taken. Setting up a Bitcoin wallet and joining a mining pool is the next steps. 

Mining for Bitcoins is accessible to anyone willing to invest some time and effort. Some amount of money may also be needed to begin. With the right combination of equipment, low cost or reduced use of electrical energy, and effort, profit will be seen. As with most transactions, especially via online, some degree of caution is needed to ensure there is no scamming going on. Good luck and keep on mining!

Bitcoin Mining
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