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CryptoBullion (CBX) Coin

CryptoBullion Price: $0.1558080522 USD

  • Published On: March 20, 2018
  • Last Modified: September 19, 2019

CryptoBullion (CBX) Background

CryptoBullion is a Cryptocurrency that you can buy, sell or exchange on the open market. The coin has been trading since 28/06/2013 and it uses the symbol CBX. We include a variety of resources on this cryptocurrency, including how you can buy, sell and exchange it with others. Of course, you can always visit the website or social links included below. Get additional details on price, history, background and make an informed decision on CryptoBullion.

Is CryptoBullion mined? How many CBX coins have been mined to date?
Based on our real-time statistics, we know 1039116.6514456 CBX coins of 1000000 total coins that are available have been mined to date.

What do we know about CryptoBullion on social media?
CryptoBullion can be found being discussed regularly on reddit. CBX has 729 Reddit Subscribers and 8 active Reddit users on the dedicated subreddit. The coin has received an average of 0.06 comments per day since discussion began. CBX can be found on twitter under the handle Bullion. The coin has 416 Favorites and 5248 Followers.

CryptoBullion Chatbot with Price Alerts

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CryptoBullion Algorithm, Proof Type and Mining

If you are wondering about CryptoBullion in terms of technical specifics, look no further. Here are some common questions and additional details about CryptoBullion (CBX). CryptoBullion, like other cryptocurrencies, uses an algorithm to encrypt data and a method to prove transactions have occurred.

This cryptocurrency uses the Scrypt algorithm which is used by more than 25% of cryptocurrency today. CryptoBullion uses a known Proof System. CryptoBullion, uses a combination of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. This coins combines the popular Scrypt algorithm and a common form of staking. This is the most common combination we have found to date among all cryptocurrencies.


CBX price

CryptoBullion has changed in price by -0.2013919478 in the last 90 days. This represents a -56.38 percent move in the price of CBX.

While CryptoBullion coin price continues to change, so to does the market capitalization of the coin. At this moment the market cap is a product of the current price of $0.1558080522 USD and a total coin supply of 1000000. In the sections below you can find key statistics and information on the current, past and future price predictions as well as CryptoBullion reddit, facebook, twitter and social statistics that help inform some of the cryptocurrency rankings you will find elsewhere on the site.


CBX Social Info

CBX Coin Background

  • Name: CryptoBullion
  • Name and Symbol: CryptoBullion (CBX) Coin
  • ID: 4411
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Proof Type: PoW/PoS
  • Coins Mined: 1039116.6514456
  • Coin Started On: 28/06/2013
  • Coin Symbol: CBX
  • Coin Supply: 1000000
  • Coin Website Link: Website for the Coin

CryptoBullion (CBX) Price History

  • CryptoBullion (CBX) Current Price: 0.1558080522
  • CBX 24hr Price: 0.1547
  • CBX 7 Day Price: 0.2121
  • CBX 30 Day Price:
  • CBX 60 Day Price:
  • CBX 90 Day Price: 0.3572
  • CBX 180 Day Price: 0.3572
  • CBX 365 Day Price: 1.763

CryptoBullion (CBX) Coin Tools

Below you will find a number of dedicated tools to convert CBX to USD, to graph historical price trends for CryptoBullion (CBX) and to get price alerts for changes in the price of CBX.

CryptoBullion Historical Prices

In the section below the historical price changes for CryptoBullion expressed in USD are graphically represented. Graphs can be modified by clicking the tabs along the top to show CBX price fluctuations for each period represented.

CryptoBullion Rating

CryptoBullion (CBX)
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