Looking to turn your bitcoins into cold hard cash? Important to understand Bitcoin de isn’t an exchange of what you might have in the traditional sense. Instead, it blends a peer-to-peer marketplace that gets backed with an escrow service. You can register relatively easily, and everything on the platform looks straightforward enough. It has been intended as a European exchange, and after you have registered, you will still need to verify your account and send them different forms of identification to make it easier for them to identify you.

Bitcoin de Overiew

For your own security, our Bitcoin de review found how the company enforces a two-stage login. They have recommended you use 2FA to help with securing your account, which is the two-factor authentification system on your account. This will be built into your wallet so that you don’t have to get a third party involved. After you register, you send different pieces of identification. When we called the German phone number, we found how they did answer it, and you can even find the contact details at the website. You can lodge funds on your account and match it with the desired seller.


Bitcoin de Wallet

If we had to compare it to something, we might say how the system looks a lot like eBay. The marketplace acts as an intermediary between people. As the system matches you to one of the sellers, you will send the money directly to him through a bank transfer. Once the seller gets the money and approves it, you will transfer the Bitcoins over to your Bitcoin de Wallet. They have a unique system where they possess all the Bitcoins that customers have loaded onto their wallet. 

Bitcoin de App

When you look at the Bitcoin de App, you can choose among three separate themes. In addition, the app will show you the current exchange rate of the German platform. It’s great because you don’t have ads, and the material design looks good. What could you say about the app? It works well, and it’s pretty useful. You can navigate the different features easily, and the app will automatically resize itself as needed. The app itself runs quickly, and it’s lightweight. You don’t have a real lot of things weighing you down with it. The company is based out of Germany.

Bitcoin de Bitcoin: Supported Coins

A variety of different currencies are support with Bitcoin de Bitcoin. You can get the Bitcoin price shown to you either in the Bitcoin Dollar or the Bitcoin Euro. Most of the currency gets stored offline for the maximum level of safety.

The supported coins include:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank transfer currencies like the Euro
  • XBT (Bitcoin)
  • Bitcoin Cash

If you only want to trade cryptocurrencies speculatively, then a more robust exchange might be right for you.

Bitcoin de Fees

Some people view it as a bit of a negative, but Bitcoin de fees will be split evenly between both the seller and the buyer. It varies anywhere from 0.8 percent to one percent, and this will depend on the payment method you chose. For example, the type of bank account you have and the type of transaction that you have made will have an influence. Keeping in mind, this sits quite a bit higher than what you might get with the fees with the other exchanges considering they’re usually only between 0.20 percent to 0.25 percent. When you involve credit card and bank transfers, Bitcoin de and many of the other exchange companies will charge a little more. This service is especially intended for the people who plan to buy actual Bitcoin. For the speculative traders, you will likely prefer another option. 

Is Bitcoin de Legit?

This begs the question, “Is Bitcoin de legit?” The platform connects buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency, but because this platform isn’t regulated, we can’t guarantee that your money will be safe while using it. Bitcoin Deutschland AG owns Bitcoin de, and they are tied to FIDOR Bank AG. This is an online German bank first founded in 2009. The bank does help to bring stability to the company, so if you’re wondering about the Bitcoin de scam, you can put those fears to rest for the most part. In fact, FIDOR Bank became one of the first 2.0 banks in Germany. They mostly tend to focus on the digital assets, but they also have partnerships with Ripple and Kraken. If you want to confirm for yourself that Bitcoin de scam doesn’t exist, you will need to provide a bank account, and they prefer that you would provide them with a Euro one that is connected with the SEPA system because it is easier.

Known as a German company, Bitcoin de holds a fair amount of credibility because of their connections with FIDOR Bank. When we look at it, however, it bears more resemblance to an online store than what it does an exchange place for the cryptocurrency. It works more like where you respond to an ad and do a trade. If you want a more secure way to enter the crypto world, this can do it. Unfortunately, they suffer because they don’t have as much active trading as what some of the other platforms do. As of January 2018, they haven’t been hacked, which says something about the security of the site.

Bitcoin De Review
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