Bittrex is known as one of the most stable crypto to crypto exchanges on the market. Looking over Reddit or any of the review sites will tell you that people, in general, have less trouble with Bittrex than with other major exchanges. The majority of Bittrex review sites will tell you the shortcomings of the platform – slow withdrawals, lack of customer service and intermittent technical problems. IF you want to know the answer to the question “is Bittrex legit?” keep reading.

Bittrex Wallet

The Bittrex wallet is stable and supports a wide variety of coins, including all of the most popular crypto – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. You can trade from a Bitcoin, USDT or Ethereum base. The platform does not allow you to convert your crypto into USD, so you will need another exchange such as Coinbase to do that. However, the strength of Bittrex is in its expansive ability to trade crypto. Execution is much faster here than in Coinbase or some of the other major exchanges.

Bittrex bitcoin wallets are the fastest, and Bittrex bitcoin exchange rates hover around the middle of the pack when it comes to real time price. Bitcoin usually trades on Bittrex at around 99.5% of the price on, which is known to be among the higher priced estimates of Bitcoin real time value.

Bittrex App

The Bittrex app is slightly behind the desktop website; however, the technology for smartphones and tablets is quickly catching up. You can do nearly everything on your phone that you can on your desktop or laptop – it is slightly more difficult because of the button size. Watch your finger here to make sure that you are making the right trades.

Security is high on the Bitrex app, as it should be. Do not forget your API keys. If you enter them incorrectly 3 times, the program will delete them. You will have a great deal of trouble getting your account back at this point, especially with the rise in popularity of crypto. Customer service is not a strength of any large exchange right now, including Bittrex.

Bittrex Supported Coins

Bittrex is well respected in the market because it does not support a coin on a whim. You will find only the cream of the crop here. If a coin is found to be a scam, you can bet that Bittrex will be the first exchange to drop it. Bittrex actually dropped RaiBlocks at one point because the proprietors were stalling in the rollout of their executive statement.
bittrex supported coins
Here is a list of all of the coins supported by Bittrex:

2GIVE AdEx adToken Adzcoin Aeon APX Aragon Ardor Ark AudioCoin Augur Aventus Bancor Basic Attention Token Bela BitBay BitBean Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash BitcoinDark Bitcrystals BitSend Bitswift bitUSD Blitzcash Blocknet Blockpool Blocktix Bowhead Breakout Stake Burst Byteball Bytes Bytecent Capricoin Cardano Centurion Change CHIPS Circuits of Value Civic Clams CloakCoin ClubCoin Compcoin Condensate Counterparty Creativecoin Credo CVCoin Dash DCORP DECENT Decentraland Decred Diamond DigiByte DigixDAO Dimecoin district0x Dogecoin DubaiCoin Dynamic Edgeless Einsteinium Elastic Embers Emercoin Ethbits Ethereum Ethereum Classic EuropeCoin EverGreenCoin ExclusiveCoin Factom FairCoin Feathercoin FirstBlood FunFair GameCredits GeoCoin Gnosis GoldCoin Golem Golos GridCoin Groestlcoin Gulden HEAT Hush I/O Coin iExec RLC Incent Influxcoin InvestFeed ION Komodo Kore LBRY Credits LeaCoin Legends Room Lisk Litecoin LoMoCoin Lunyr Magi MaidSafeCoin Melon MetalCoin Monaco MonaCoin Monero MonetaryUnit Monster Byte Musicoin Myriad NAV Coin NEM NEO Nexium Nexus NuShares NVO Nxt OAX OKCash OmiseGO Omni Pandacoin Particl Patientory Peercoin Peerplays PIVX PotCoin Primas PRIZM Qtum Quantum Resistant Ledger Qwark ReddCoin Rialto Ripio Credit Network Ripple Rise Rivetz Rubycoin Rupee Russian Miner Coin Rustbits SALT Shift Siacoin SIBCoin SingularDTV SmartCash SolarCoin Spectrecoin Sphere Starta Startcoin Status Steem Stellar Storj Stratis Swarm City Syndicate Synereo Synergy Syscoin TenX The ChampCoin TheGCCcoin Tierion TransferCoin Triggers Ubiq Verge VeriCoin Vertcoin Viacoin Viberate Waves WeTrust WhiteCoin Wings XCurrency Zcash ZCoin ZenCash

Bittrex Fees

You will pay around 0.25% per trade when you move in and out of your selected crypto. You will also pay a similar amount for moves in and out of the platform. There are no sign up fees. Compared to the other major exchanges, Bittrex fees are relatively comparable to the competition – there is no Bittrex scam here.

Bittrex Scam

Is Bittrex legit? In a word, yes. This is one of the most well-established crypto to cryptocurrency exchanges out there. Although no exchange is totally safe against spikes in interest (such as Binance shutting down new registrations when it added support for RaiBlocks) or hackers, Bittrex is one of the best. Opening an account here puts you in a strong position to trade percentages and keep abreast of the latest happenings in the crypto industry.

Bittrex Review
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