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Litecoin Exchanges

Get ready to purchase Litecoin (LTC) from the best exchanges on the planet. Learn which exchanges are the right fit for you by reading our complete list.

Cryptocurrencies continue to blossom into more than many people had ever hoped for. Digital coins are attracting a large group of alternative investors, who understand that the present fiat currency system is doomed to failure. Some believe that 2008 was only the first act.

Investors can turn to Litecoin (LTC) exchanges to buy, sell or manage their wealth portfolios. The best Litecoin exchange offers numerous cryptocurrencies, liquidity, anonymity, superior charts, technical indicators and storage features. The perfect exchange for you might not be the perfect exchange for your neighbor; it all depends on what you want out of your Litecoin asset.

This is an exciting time for cryptocurrencies due to their meteoric rise in value. In order to find the best fitting exchange, a list of Litecoin exchanges is extremely useful. Here is a review of the best Litecoin exchanges in the US, UK, and Canada, along with a Litecoin exchange list to help you make the most informed decision.

What Is A Litecoin Exchange?

Litecoin exchanges perform the same function as stock exchanges – they bring buyers (takers) and sellers (makers) together to complete a transaction. Think about how many coins you want to buy. Then, go to an exchange and check out its market price.

Comparing exchanges is also useful. You might be surprised to find different prices quoted, but that is based on the characteristics of supply and demand. Each exchange has its own pricing mechanism.

In the stock market, this is called “arbitrage.” Advanced cryptocurrency traders might be able to make profits from arbitrage. LTC exchanges mirror much traditional stock, binary options, and Forex trends.

The concept of the “maker” is that he is a “market maker” for a digital coin. He provides the digital coins to satisfy demand; this is also referred to as liquidity. Why does liquidity matter?

High liquidity means that there are more sellers offering cryptocurrencies at a variety of price levels. Therefore, buyers are more likely to find a matching selling position. This should lead to more trade volume.

What is the Best Litecoin Exchange?

Is the best Litecoin exchange, a subjective or objective assessment? It is both. When you consider certain criteria, such as a number of cryptocurrencies offered, liquidity and anonymity, you can easily rank exchanges based on these objective criteria.

The subjective element is based on which criteria, you value the most. If you own Litecoins, you might look for an exchange with the most robust listing of assets to be traded for your Litecoins. Anonymity and type of traders are two subjective criteria that might be important to some investors.

Do you want anonymity while trading your Litecoins? There are rumors that some exchanges will track how you use any digital coins, purchased from them. Some people don’t want Big Brother looking over their shoulder.

Do you care about the background credentials of the token sellers? Are you fine with an eBay type system where anyone can offer their digital coins for sale? Would you prefer to have professional sellers (similar to brokers on stock exchanges)?

Certain exchanges offer better charts, technical indicators, payment withdrawal and customer support. It all depends on how you want to manage your cryptocurrency assets. If you want, you can create the best fitting real-time risk tolerance for your wealth portfolio.

Litecoin Exchange List

You might want an exchange in your home country. You can consider this list of Litecoin exchanges to determine which might be best for you. Review this Litecoin exchange list to discover what is available.

Bittylicious is a favorite amongst Litecoin exchanges in UK. This exchange is headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom. There are about a dozen cryptocurrencies available here.

Bittylicious sellers are vetted. Payment options are bank transfer, credit cards or money transfer systems (i.e. Paym, Barclay’s Pingit or RBS/Natwest PYC). Customer support is ticket-based, email or live chat. Some people complain of a lack of liquidity compared to other exchanges.

Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) is also known as the Coinbase Exchange. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States and has been an industry leader since July 2011. This is considered to be one of the best Litecoin exchanges in the US.

Coinbase completes transactions in 32 countries and offers storage to 190 countries. It has estimated that USD$6 billion in digital currencies have been traded for about 6 million customers.

It has two-factor authentication. Coinbase claims that it has 97% of funds kept in cold storage - USBs or paper wallets. GDAX has high liquidity. Fully verified US customers can only purchase USD$50,000 worth of coins per day. Some believe that Coinbase tracks how people spend their coins.

Huobi might be one of the top exchanges in Asia. It has locations in Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo. There are millions of users from more than 130+ countries, who have traded $1 billion in assets on Huobi.

QuadrigaCX might be the top Litecoin exchange Canada. It has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The brand tries to offer lower transaction fees than its competitors.

The QuadrigaCX API uses CloudFlare for security. It promises e-transfer funding within 24 hours; bank wire is enabled. It has two-factor authentication.