Scrypt Coins List

Here at we provide a continuously updated lists for your convenience across a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency properties. In the table below you can find all cryptocurrencies that utilize the Scrypt algorithm.

This comprehensive Scrypt coins list, contains all known cryptocurrencies that leverage Scrypt. The are currently 565 Scrypt based cryptocurrencies that are known to the general public.

Scrypt Explained | What is Scrypt?

If you’re wondering what Scrypt coins list really tracks, it’s all about the Scrypt method of key-value hardened encryption which requires larger volumes of random access memory (RAM) relative to the SHA256 counterparts, because the Scrypt methodology enforces random variables that dictate the amount of memory required. At the heart, Scrypt is an algorithm which uses random numbers generated to protect a key. Unlike SHA256, the hashing power required can vary significantly and ASIC mining is not as efficient. Interested in coins using scrypt? Litecoin is your best bet, and it just so happens you can Buy Litecoin with Paypal or set up your very own rig with Litecoin mining software to get started with a coin using Scrypt right now. Litecoin is effectively the only high market cap Scrypt enabled cryptocurrency at the moment, with Dogecoin rounding up the number two spot in popularity as of November 12, 2019.

Table Last Updated: November 12, 2019

Scrypt Coins List
Logo Name Algorithm Popularity
Litecoin (LTC) Scrypt 198439
Dogecoin (DOGE) Scrypt 143363
ReddCoin (RDD) Scrypt 40600
BlackCoin (BLK) Scrypt 8698
PotCoin (POT) Scrypt 5071
FeatherCoin (FTC) Scrypt 4830
GridCoin (GRC) Scrypt 4769
SysCoin (SYS) Scrypt 4566
Einsteinium (EMC2) Scrypt 3258
ECC (ECC) Scrypt 3103
VeriCoin (VRC) Scrypt 3032
MonaCoin (MONA) Scrypt 2677
MintCoin (MINT) Scrypt 2495
ViaCoin (VIA) Scrypt 2199
Linda (LINDA) Scrypt 2164
GoldCoin (GLD) Scrypt 1410
FedoraCoin (TIPS) Scrypt 1383
NyanCoin (NYAN) Scrypt 1249
CannaCoin (CCN) Scrypt 1231
PoSWallet (POSW) Scrypt 1026
Curecoin (CURE) Scrypt 998
DigiCoin (DGC) Scrypt 943
Gulden (NLG) Scrypt 936
Omni (OMNI) Scrypt 888
SolarCoin (SLR) Scrypt 867
ShadowCash (SDC) Scrypt 826
CryptoBullion (CBX) Scrypt 732
HyperCoin (HYPER) Scrypt 562
RubyCoin (RBY) Scrypt 515
NobleCoin (NOBL) Scrypt 504
DopeCoin (DOPE) Scrypt 416
MegaCoin (MEC) Scrypt 413
WhiteCoin (XWC) Scrypt 399
VirtaCoin (VTA) Scrypt 398
CampusCoin (CMPCO) Scrypt 361
PandaCoin (PND) Scrypt 346
Catcoin (CAT1) Scrypt 328
eBoost (EBST) Scrypt 320
Bob Coin (BOB) Scrypt 308
FlorinCoin (FLO) Scrypt 308
Bob Coin (BOB*) Scrypt 307
Karmacoin (KARMA) Scrypt 305
EarthCoin (EAC) Scrypt 295
EnergyCoin (ENRG) Scrypt 278
Draftcoin (DFT) Scrypt 261
NewYorkCoin (NYC) Scrypt 253
LEOcoin (LEO) Scrypt 240
FastCoin (FST) Scrypt 237
LiteDoge (LDOGE) Scrypt 218
Dnotes (NOTE) Scrypt 214
iDealCash (DEAL) Scrypt 214
BitMark (BTM) Scrypt 212
Nautilus Coin (NAUT) Scrypt 207
Infinite Coin (IFC) Scrypt 185
BitstarCoin (BITS) Scrypt 183
NovaCoin (NVC) Scrypt 178
Unify (UNIFY) Scrypt 151
Rupaya (RUPX) Scrypt 134
MinCoin (MNC) Scrypt 128
BitBar (BTB) Scrypt 118
HoboNickels (HBN) Scrypt 112
ClubCoin (CLUB) Scrypt 109
DonationCoin (DON) Scrypt 106
UltraCoin (UTC) Scrypt 105
2GiveCoin (2GIVE) Scrypt 99
Coino (CNO) Scrypt 96
gCn Coin (GCN) Scrypt 82
SecureCoin (SRC) Scrypt 81
Bata (BTA) Scrypt 80
Lynx (LYNX) Scrypt 63
Asia Coin (AC) Scrypt 56
PutinCoin (PUT) Scrypt 49
Velox (VLX) Scrypt 48
Cryptographic Anomaly (CGA) Scrypt 43
E-Gulden (EFL) Scrypt 41
Litebar (LTB) Scrypt 38
TulipCoin (TLP) Scrypt 36
TagCoin (TAG) Scrypt 36
OmiseGO Classic (OMGC) Scrypt 32
BitcoinPlus (XBC) Scrypt 32
DuckDuckCoin (DUCK) Scrypt 29
BoxyCoin (BOXY) Scrypt 26
SmartCoin (SMC) Scrypt 26
ArchCoin (ARCH) Scrypt 25
BitCurrency (BTCR) Scrypt 25
MadCoin (MDC*) Scrypt 25
The Hempcoin (THC) Scrypt 23
MYCE (YCE) Scrypt 22
CompuCoin (CPN) Scrypt 20
GoodCoin (GOOD) Scrypt 18
Poseidon (PSD) Scrypt 16
Ethereum Dark (ETHD) Scrypt 15
FriendshipCoin (FSC2) Scrypt 14
CAIx (CAIx) Scrypt 11
ProsperCoin (PRC) Scrypt 9
ZoneCoin (ZNE) Scrypt 7
GlobalCoin (GLC) Scrypt 7
Emerald (EMD) Scrypt 5
OroCoin (ORO) Scrypt 4
LiteBitcoin (LBTC) Scrypt 4
Asiadigicoin (ADCN) Scrypt 3
ShardCoin (SHARD) Scrypt 3
GrowthCoin (GRW) Scrypt 2
ChessCoin (CHESS) Scrypt 0
HollyWoodCoin (HWC) Scrypt 0
RenosCoin (RNS) Scrypt 0
Scrypt Coins List
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