KeepKey Wallet Overview

It's a crazy world out there and you can never be too safe when it comes to your assets. Hackers and scammers are all over the internet and looking to make a quick buck, or in this case, coin. That's where hardware wallets come in handy, you can easily store your cryptocurrencies on them offline and away from harm, and they keep getting more and more advanced, and KeepKey with no exception. KeepKey is a bit of a newcomer in the world of hardware wallets. It's a world that isn't usually too kind to you until you prove yourself, but KeepKey is quickly gaining support from users all around and they are falling in love with the device. It is one of the most secure and feature packed wallets on the market. A Major selling point for the wallet is the modern, sleek look and its easy-to-use interface. When it was launched back in 2015 the price tag was a whopping $239, but now it can be purchased for $99 making it both one of the most secure, and now affordable wallets on the market.

KeepKey is trying to keep things simple and up to date, their open source software means it can be easily upgraded to the latest version with the latest features. KeepKey is actually a port of TREZORs open source firmware, the main difference between the two, now that the KeepKey is in the same price range is to look and feel. The KeepKey comes with an anodized aluminum body, and poly-carbonate front, many who have reviewed say it is the best feeling wallet to date.

keepkey hardware wallet

KeepKey Setup

Setup for the device is fairly easy. The wallet ships with a woven nylon cable and a recovery sentence backup card, with a neat little leather case to keep it in, it's shipped with a tamper-evident seal, meaning if someone has tried to get in, you'll know.

Security of the KeepKey Wallet

Security of the KeepKey WalletThe security behind the KeepKey is pretty impressive, during set up the user is given a word passphrase that can later be used to recover the information in the case the device is stolen, there are also options for 18 and 24-word passphrases if you desire. A pin is also created during setup which adds another level of security in the case that your device falls into the wrong hands. The large display on the front of the KeepKey allows its users to confirm the transaction, with a physical button, to ensure that you are sending to the right address. KeepKey supports PC, Mac, and Android, and can still safely be used on a device infected with malware thanks to its isolated environment. As always when setting up your wallet you should use a bootable operating system from a USB on an offline computer to make sure that no malware is present.

KeepKey Integrations

What really sets KeepKey apart is its built-in integration with the Shapeshift API, since the company behind Shapeshift acquired KeepKey they work together seamlessly. Shapeshift is a service that converts one form of cryptocurrency into another, and they've made it incredibly easy-to-use. Unlike currency exchanges Shapeshift never actually holds on to any of your coins during the transaction, the service gives you an address to deposit to and sends the new coins instantly, you don't even need to set up an account to use it. It's no wonder that the service is taking off and becoming one of the most popular services around.

KeepKey is supported by multiple clients, meaning you can easily integrate coins already stored in online wallets, like Electrum and Mycelium