Facebook is Interested in CryptoCurrency

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that Facebook is now officially interested in CryptoCurrency. In a recent announcement, Zuckerberg officially expressed his interest in blockchain technology and how it might fit into the Facebook ecosystem of products. There have been a number of rumors floating around that Facebook might be partnering and using an existing cryptocurrency with scale like LiteCoin to power payment services, although it’s also well known that Facebook has existing payment integrations with companies like Stripe that allow direct integration into Facebook apps for payments, so perhaps Stellar is a more natural ecosystem for pairing with a Facebook cryptocurrency token?

Will Facebook Go After Steemit, Reddit?

Others have posited that Facebook may be interested in going after the content creation and curation powerhouses like the established reddit.com and the up and coming steemit.com, the latter of which has experienced exponential growth over the past year with an explosion of technologies being built to integrate with the platform. In either case this is continued positive news for CryptoCurrency enthusiasts and investors that are bullish on blockchain technology.

Will Facebook Take Out Reddit and Steemit with Move to CryptoCurrency?
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